Bored Union Lane2

Colour Bored

Bored with some boring colours here in Union Lane, they may be a bit flat, it but it certainly stands out amongst the mess that this lane has been given after years of bombing. Just look at that background…

Props Union Lane4

Where They’re Due

Exquisite 1-2 by Props here in Union Lane, I’ll always gives props to anyone who can put a piece together and still rock a character to boot. This is a great example as Props chucks up a really nice character with a suitable piece for good measure, nice colour choice too!

Sailer Union Lane2

Throw The Sail

Sailor getting some coverage here on the messy walls of Union Lane, you can’t go wrong with this nice little 1-2 blue and yellow combo.

Soyer Union Lane3


Soyer with another great looking character in Union Lane, you’ve really got to appreciate one thats probably as big, if not, bigger then the artist who painted it.