Bored Union Lane2

Colour Bored

Bored with some boring colours here in Union Lane, they may be a bit flat, it but it certainly stands out amongst the mess that this lane has been given after years of bombing. Just look at that background…

Caper Union Lane8


Caper is a street artists who has done nothing but grown with each new piece, his latest pieces are a change from some of this older stuff, but this stuff is just as good. Union Lane

Union Lane44

Little Capers

Caper with one of his great characters out in Union Lane here, sorry about the darkness in this image, it was on a late night walk. Either way, you can still see how much the minor details in this piece make it pop.

Anger Union Lane

Anger Management

Anger with a razor sharp piece here in Union Lane, I’m a sucker for this colour combo, purple, grey and orange always team up together nicely.

Asike Union Lane4

Message Lost

I don’t usually post cappings, but its kinda cool how the message got lost amongst all these tags in Union Lane. There’s some nice work in there, but the message is so corny, this retaliation had to be expected.

Dvate Union Lane3

Wall Devastator

This was one of Union Lane’s longest standing pieces for awhile and it’s pretty easy to see why, Dvate absoultely smashed it. I always like how he pushes the background into his pieces, the corresponding leaves and flowers in this one are a perfect example.