Slicer Brunswick5

Sliced Society

Slicer with some of his signature overlapping typography here in Brunswick, I was going to move the rubbish in front of this one, but I think it fits in with the piece above it. Street art and graffiti writers are often discarded by the rest of society, so it only seems fitting that they make…

Slicer Northcote35

Clean Abandonment

This is what Slicer does when he steps into an abandoned space, making it a bit of a show for those who find them. It’s pretty interesting to find work like this, as it usually displays more clean space in places where blank walls are pretty hard to find. Northcote AWOL Crew – Slicer

Adnate Slicer Fitzroy3

Street Finesse

I’ve always felt that this was an experimental wall from Adnate, Slicer and Remi Rough, which is always a good thing, as experimentation leads to big and better work. But despite that, I think this is a really nice wall and a pretty solid representation of what street art should look like. Adnate – Slicer – Remi…