Askem Bailer Blends Dvate H20e Jorz Ling Logik Peps Presto Prix Putos Sabeth Scale Silk Skary Sofles Graffiti Rose Street Car Park Fitzroy Melbourne Arty Graffarti47

The Rose Car Park | The HMAS Melbourne Aqua Room

As the old saying goes, you always save the best for last, and in my opinion, this room just could be it. While each of the rooms shown for this project feature work and letters that I could easily point out as my favourite, the whole theme, scale and execution of this space just makes…

Akuze Dem189 Dubiz Dvate Jorz Putos Rase Sabeth Sigs Sup Venom Zode Graffiti Rose Car Park Fitzroy Arty Graffarti25

The Rose Car Park | The Special Effects Green Room

We’re getting closer to the end of this massive project, so that usually means we’re saving the best ’til last. ‘The Green Room’ features some of Melbourne’s most stylized writers such as Akuze, Venom, Zode and Sabeth. While each room provides its own array of visual nuggets, this one takes a bit of time to…

Bailer Bmews Dvate Eye Ghost Greco Jayme Jorz Plesk Putos Rose Street Car Park Fitzroy Melbourne Graffiti Arty Graffarti34

The Rose Car Park | The Alcove

There are some massive wide open rooms in the car park, along with others that stretch the entire complex, but this is probably the smallest of the lot. Nested about the Lava Pit, this small enclosed section, may have the least amount of space, but it makes up for it through its selective criteria. Melbourne…

Bigfoot Dvate Elco Flint Ghost Haz Joske Maide Nektar Krimz Peps Sigs Snuf Maps Sup Suprize Rose Street Car Park Fitzroy Melbourne Arty Graffarti3

The Rose Car Park | The Top Shelf

Mini burners are becoming more and more popular around Melbourne over the last year and the rooftop of the complex is the prefect place to showcase that. Some people wouldn’t rate these due to their size, I disagree, graffiti is sometimes never about size or scale, but rather what you do with those letters instead,…

Bailer Break Kaue Duke Dvate Paris Plea Rsume Scale Stopem Treos Rose Street Car Park Fitzroy Melbourne Arty Graffarti22

The Rose Car Park | Next Level | Left

No wall has been left untouched here and the least likely, are most definitely some of the best. This driveway upstairs not only further emphasis’ the high quality that is going up here, but it also shows a connected rarity in it’s length and community within the Melbourne’s scene. Where else are you going to find a…

Cocktails Sup Jokes Toots Maid Ethiks Ghost OG23 Paris Presto Putos Silk Taske Tilt Tisk Rose Street Car Park Fitzroy Melbourne Arty Graffarti42

The Rose Car Park | The Lava Room

The Red (or Lava) Room is another example of a bunch of styles, colours and characters being thrown together to create a wall to wall visual dissection. Despite it’s red hot theme, a secondary mix of purple really breaks everything down to the point where, I think without it, the entire space would be similar…

Armed Awes Binge Dvate Jorz Moke Naste Peril Pnoid Putos Sare Sat Rose Street Car Park Fitzroy Melbourne Arty Graffarti18

The Rose Car Park | Dvate’s Mudlark

We should probably start things off by presenting the biggest piece in the whole space, Dvate’s Mudlark. An artist who isn’t afraid to paint the intricate natural textures and one of a kind patterns of an animal is pretty hard to find in Melbourne’s outdoor art culture these days, but Dvate has proven more then…

lush dcreet vna

VIDEO // Lush ‘Patrick Swayze Graffiti Game’

Lush and Dscreet teamed up in Amsterdam to make this film about Bodhi, cus Bodhi rules! Lush is currently driving a converted boxtruck mobile gallery through Europe and doing shows whereever he can find free parking. Lushsux Edited by Dscreet for VNA Click here for more from Lush – Dscreet – VNA via Arty Graffarti