Mini Graff Fitzroy2


Mini Graff with a great piece of street art here in Fitzroy, it’s always good to see some more thought provoking work like this, it’s not always about pretty pictures. Mini Graff

Burg Melbourne

Burcan Flavour

Burg and Noican with an awesome ice cream scope design here in Melbourne, very few could paint this one up on the spot, but a paste up is just as good.

7 Seas Collingwood2


7Sea’s is continuing the impress Melbourne with their great illustrations that feature some ridiculously clean line work. Collingwood



I don’t usually support attitudes like this but… Fuck Off. It should be noted that this was torn down about 2 seconds after this photo was taken. Abbotsford

Be Free Fitzroy6

Growing Up

Be Free is a street artist who keeps elevating her game, so much to the point that its hard to keep up sometimes. While this is an older piece, even at this stage, she is still ahead of some of her contemporaries. Collingwood Be Free