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VIDEO // Nekst Forever

The title says it all. In 2012 the Graffiti world lost a great. NEKST will be missed forever for his bold and unrelenting style. His name will always be synonymous with what a true graffiti writer is. A group of friends gathered in Detroit to reproduce NEKST’S John Hancock on the front of the Detroit…

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VIDEO // Nekst Tribute In NYC

The Nekst tributes just don’t seem to stop [and for good reason] with the latest coming from some of those who knew him best. Check out the ultra dopeness below, featuring the likes of DabsMyla, Rime, Vizie and more. How wicked is that empty photoshop background? LRG

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How Pose Rolls

It’s suited that Pose’s colour with Ironlak is named Sushi, all those letters being balled up and wrapped into a great little package, makes sense. Richmond

The Detroit Beautification Project: Chapter 1

I’ve always had an interest in the city of Detroit, for me it sounds like the city that was left for dead, but some great things have come from its ruins, including some good hip hop and some even better house and techno to boot. It’s always good to see a view of the city…