Everfresh Crew Collingwood9


This one has been a long time coming, I’ve looked at this one from a distance thousands of times, but never actually stepped out to take a closer look for myself. To some this mural is representation of Collingwood as a whole, to others, a representation of Everfresh’s [and friends] take over of the town…

Meggs Abbotsford

Own Worst Enemy

His style has certainly moved from this, but the older work of Meggs will always have a special place for me, when first getting into street art and graffiti, these characters were exactly why I liked it and why I still do to this day, style. Abbotsford Meggs

Meggs St Kilda2

OG Ginger Meggs

Wow, it ain’t lyin’, this is a rare older piece by Everfresh’s Meggs. Looking at this and his work now, 7 years later, its a real testament to how far he has come with visually. Not knockin’ this though, it still holds up pretty well and it comes as no surprise that we find blue…