richt what 12ozprophet sketch of the day

VIDEO // 12ozProphet: Sketch of the Day with Richt

UK based Richt takes matters into his own hands, creating this video documenting the process behind his 12ozProphet “Sketch of the Day”. The artist recently linked with 45RPM resulting in “Ultimate What”. He also recently collaborated with Goodleg toys for an upcoming release “Nobody Likes Leonardo”, homage, to TMNT. Richt 12ozProphet

DFace A Man and His Dog Book3

BOOK // The Art of D*Face: A Man and His Dog

It goes without saying that D*Face is one of the worlds leading figures in the street art scene, consistently bridging the, always difficult, line between the illegal arts and contemporary gallery world. But along with his always-daring escapades, the visual flair, meaning and social significance behind his work puts him at the forefront of a…

Crack On Shine On2

BOOK // Crack On, Shine On

As far as publications go, the Crack and Shine series has been one of the best the global culture of graffiti has seen over the last 5 years. Headed by the team over at TopSafe London and the super talented snapper Will Robson-Scott, the books have given its viewers an in depth look into the…