Kaffe Break

To be honest[and I think I’ve said it before, it took me awhile for Kaffeine to grow on me, having run into a number of her abandoned pieces in my travels, I think seeing this artist work is better in person and on a large scale, then in a smaller/gallery like atmosphere. When you see…


Sometimes photo’s just end up coming out really good, this is one of those cases, with Kaffeine’s ghostly figure matching this very eery atmosphere. Northcote Kaffeine

Large Coffee

This is some pretty solid work by Melbourne Kaff-eine down in Brunswick, this is probably my favourite piece of there’s due to the scale. I think sometimes, the artist that do street art style work specifically often make work too thats consitantly small, it’s nice to see someone going that little bit bigger then usual.…

Kaffee Break

This is probably one of my favourite Kaffeine pieces that I’ve seen, who really knows what that space used to be, a toilet, change room or shower? Either way, the artist has put something out there that probably looks better then anything that’s gone in. Northcote Kaffeine