45rpm ironlak strikes selina miles


“My morning coffee tends to be looking up some sort of bit of slang from somewhere and drawing it” Bristol-based Striker slayer 45RPM has developed an (un)healthy obsession with creating impromptu scrawls based around nonsense verbiage informed by cockney rhymes – a type of English slang which originated in the East End of London. Many…


VIDEO | Ironlak Strikers with Shem

Melbourne old-schooler SHEM (RDC F1 FBA) rocking off the top of the dome with Ironlak Strikers and Ironlak Fibre-tip pens on paper, proving once again that he’s here to stay. 1987 and beyond… Shem Ironlak Click here for more work from Shem via Arty Graffarti Click here for more work from Ironlak via Arty Graffarti


VIDEO // Madcrook with The Ironlak Strikers

MADCROOK draws every day and it shows. Featuring the new Ironlak Strikers – Tri-grip Twin Markers & Ironlak Permanent Markers. The new Ironlak Strikers come with premium quality Japanese made nibs in broad (8mm chisel) and fine (1mm bullet point) sizing dimensions — along with high performance Japanese alcohol-based inks that enable versatile blending and…