48 sheet wankers billboard

VIDEO // 48 Sheet ‘Wankers Billboard’

Hailing from a background in street art and graffiti I have always had an interest in public space and how it is used. What I do within my art practice is deemed illegal – yet large advertising companies can buy cheap space, erect cheap billboards and sell that newly created space at an extortionate price.…

joshua billingham gent liquitex

VIDEO // Gent48 at Liquitex’s We Create Live

Together, Liquitex and the Subism Collective hosted We Create Live, a platform for some of the UK’s hottest musical and artistic talent.Otherwise known as Gent 48, artist Joshua Billingham has a back catalogue that ranges from mixed media and digital illustration to murals and fine art pieces. His quirky and colourful style really captured the…

gent city of colours

VIDEO // Gent x MTN x City of Colours Festival

City of Colours – Birmingham Street Art Festival 2014On the 6th September, Digbeth (Birmingham) , will see the City of Colours festival bring together over 100 artists, who will transform Digbeth into one of the UKs largest outdoor art galleries. The event will be a platform for promoting emerging talent alongside more established artists, with…

DFace A Man and His Dog Book3

BOOK // The Art of D*Face: A Man and His Dog

It goes without saying that D*Face is one of the worlds leading figures in the street art scene, consistently bridging the, always difficult, line between the illegal arts and contemporary gallery world. But along with his always-daring escapades, the visual flair, meaning and social significance behind his work puts him at the forefront of a…

will robson scott george and his dog delete later

VIDEO // Will Robson-Scott ‘John and George’

John and his dog George are a fixture on Shoreditch High Street year round. His drawings of the east London land marks and portraits of George provide John with an escape from his demons. His past is tainted with living rough and addiction. George is Johns closest companion , he and drawing are Johns one…


VIDEO // Behind The Mask

BEHIND THE MASK is a short documentary on the art and lives of 5 graffiti writers, Aeon, Agent, Pref, Relay and Tizer. A film with a deeper insight into the psychological and physical effects of graffiti on the Artist and their friends and family. Not your average graff film format, But still ticks all the…

Tizer Key Seventeen delete later

VIDEO // Key Seventeen Chrome Edition X Tizer

Well respected graffiti veteran Tizer, of UK’s IDiots Crew and Melbourne’s SDM, busts out a signature piece and character, along with a quick burner on the way out for Key Seventeen. This guys is a good example of how and why respect is earned in graffiti, longevity and skills are key. Key Seventeen Tizer