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GALLERY // Writing’s On The Wall @ Metro Gallery

Metro Gallery is getting set to display a number of works from some of the world’s best local and international street artists. Featuring work from Rone, Adnate, Swoon, Hush and ELK, Writing’s On The Wall will be a showcase of some of the great talents currently under the Metro roster. Despite what it says below, it…

ELK Hosier Lane

Dead Right

Still hard to believe that these are stencils, there’s a lot of layering here and they’re just as good to look up close as they are from afar. Hosier Lane ELK

Planet of The ELKs

It’s hard to compare ELK’s multi layered stencils with any other street artists work around the world at the moment, his photo realistic style is unmatched, plus the subject matter is also worthy of a thought or two. Blender Lane ELK


I’ve been to a few shows around town over the last few days and have decided to not chuck ‘em up here for a number of reasons, one was a little too small, another was only for one night and the other was gonna be hammered across the internet anyway. But I did go to…


If you care about technique, then you can’t help but but impressed by the sheer scale of intricacy involved in Melbourne stenciler ELKs work. Attention to detail is one thing… this is another. AC/DC Lane And while I’ve got your attention, you should check out this great little short film by ELK and Jacob Oberman,…

Street Assassin

Every time I see an ELK stencil, I’m just flabbergasted, its simply amazing how intricate these can get. Definately one of the few times where I think even an artist with a brush and other materials would find it as difficult to recreate imagery like this, amazing. Melbourne ELK