Funky Totem

It’s one thing to paint a long flat surface, but ti’s certainly another to wrap your piece around something such as this post, but DrewFunk manages to do it with ease. South Yarra DrewFunk


Nice collaboration between DrewFunk and Syco here in Melbourne’s Blender Lane in the city, a fusion between art and graffiti executed with devastating results. DrewFunk – Syco

DragonFunk D

And now we’re back to the Melbourne streets, I thought I’d start by chucking up some artists that unfortunately never made it down to the car park space, starting with the ever popular DrewFunk. This is a wild piece thats a great mixture of both a bit of bombing and character art, very nice stuff.…

Sticker Board

A whole smorgasbord of stickers here in Collingwood, I always like seeing signs like this as it shows who’s been in the area and the possibilities of a full blow piece in the vicinity.


This is a great piece by DrewFunk out at Outpost, I personally haven’t seen him do this kind of thing all that much, I’m used to his modern and ancient mythical animals, but this is something I can’t even describe, a god perhaps, fantastic! Outpost Project DrewFunk