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GALLERY // DrewFunk ‘Open Studio’ | March 15th

One of Melbourne’s favourite street artists, DrewFunk, is packing up shop and shipping out to Sydney this year. And to celebrate, he’s throwing a rare open studio party with some new and old unseen work, prints, books and one off drawings available to purchase. Big ups and thanks to DrewFunk for supplying our city with some…

Drew Funk Union Lane2

The Funky Octopus

It seems like every street artist has turned their attention to lifelike street portraits as of late, which is cool, but can get a bit repetitive. Luckily there are still those interested in the rest of the natural world too and who doesn’t love octopus’? Union Lane DrewFunk

DrewFunk St Kilda19

Funky Dabitch

It comes with great disappointment to say that I unfortunately haven’t made it down to the Dabs and Myla show as yet, but I am going tomorrow, so my review will be up next week. But you can always tell a shows going to be good when the artist has put work up some years…

D. Funkyman

It makes me laugh and frustrated to find that the local governments don’t see the Melbourne street art and graffiti culture as a tourist attraction to the city, even shopping complexes are getting in on the act, as you can see here. But lets just forget all that political jargon, it doesn’t matter, what does…

Funky Totem

It’s one thing to paint a long flat surface, but ti’s certainly another to wrap your piece around something such as this post, but DrewFunk manages to do it with ease. South Yarra DrewFunk


I’m not completely sure, but I think this is a mural by both DrewFunk and Ghostpatrol, using both their street art and graffiti training to good use. This is just a great example of both worlds colliding to memorable results. Fitzroy DrewFunk – Ghostpatrol