Evil ACDC Lane3

Honky Class

A long, long whiles ago I found myself walking through AC/DC Lane checking out what what going up, down and all around the former graffiti, street art and all round Melbourne cultural hotspot. I had spent many, many nights stumbling around the space on loose nights at the now closed Honky Tonks, 3rd Class and…

ACDC Lane3

Eat Your Art Out

Now this is the kind of street art I like, thought provoking and something anyone can enjoy, it looks pretty damn cool too! If you’re gonna paste something up, you may aswell make it something worth looking at. AC/DC Lane


You know, seeing a nice handstyle is always a very pretty site, but sometimes you just have to stand back and see how it was done, this kind of work is a real art in tagging. AC/DC Lane Reka

Endangered Spraycies

Some of you may remember a post I did on a video that was released involving AC/DC Lane being given a revamp by the Everfresh Crew and some friends. This is one of the walls featured, a stunning collaboration by some of Melbourne and Australia’s best, no point me writing anything here really, have a…

Safe Stabs

Stabs has been pushing these cheeky little stencils around town for awhile now, just when you think the guy has perfectly adapted to his own style, he flips it round and finds a new template for his work. AC/DC Lane