S-701A Ruskidd ACDC Lane


Ruskidd is a local street artist who has really been carving himself a nice body of work as of late. Usually up with S-701A [seen here], the young painter has recently been moving his bears from the outdoor to the inner reaches of Melbourne’s most prestigious gallery spaces. AC/DC Lane Ruskidd

Nufevah Braddock Melbourne


Nufevah and Braddock side by side here in AC/DC Lane although these weren’t painted together, you have to wonder what other great combo’s could be buried under Melbourne’s layer upon layered walls.

ACDC Lane3

Eat Your Art Out

Now this is the kind of street art I like, thought provoking and something anyone can enjoy, it looks pretty damn cool too! If you’re gonna paste something up, you may aswell make it something worth looking at. AC/DC Lane

Street Safari

Heesco and Prizm here bringing the jungle to Melbourne’s concrete streets and while I’d prefer the real thing, this is nearly just as good.   AC/DC Lane   Prizm – Heesco


Phibs’ style is amazing, it can literally suit any forms, whether it be characters, letters or religious paraphernalia. AC/DC Lane Phibs


You know, seeing a nice handstyle is always a very pretty site, but sometimes you just have to stand back and see how it was done, this kind of work is a real art in tagging. AC/DC Lane Reka