Mupz Bailer Gent Brunswick4

Blue Crew

 Some of our best stretching across a big time wall in Brunswick here, the black background really helps this one stands and the colours of each piece helps with the dark vibe overall.

Gent St. Kilda13

A Gluttony Of Styles

As you probably already know, I’m a big fan of Gent’s work over here, but sometimes he makes it real hard to keep up. Such a large body of work for his short time here, not to mention the number of style’s he busts out in the process. St. Kilda Gent

Gent Gallery3

INTERVIEW // Gent – 48s – SDM

There has been a bit of a Gent overload here at Arty Graffarti, with the video being pushed pretty anywhere the blog can be seen. But with work like this, who can blame Melbourne for not being excited about having this visiting artist? With an exhibition literally around the corner, I sat down with the artist to discuss his…