fuzi uv tpk ryan cookson michael danischewski video


Melbourne based photographers Ryan Cookson and Michael Danischewski have teamed up to produce a new video portrait – FUZI UV TPK. Throughout the 1990’s, French artist FUZI grew up in the suburbs of Paris on a diet of graffiti and gang culture as part of the prolific crew UV TPK. In the mid 90’s, he…

Madc molotow train video

VIDEO // MadC paints The Molotow Train

MadC is an internationally renowned artist from Germany, who has worked in over 35 different counties across the globe. MadC started her artistic trajectory as a teenaged graffiti writer, and has since then developed her creative endeavors into various fields such as graphic design, writing and fine art. She has studied at both Burg Giebichenstein…

lush dcreet vna

VIDEO // Lush ‘Patrick Swayze Graffiti Game’

Lush and Dscreet teamed up in Amsterdam to make this film about Bodhi, cus Bodhi rules! Lush is currently driving a converted boxtruck mobile gallery through Europe and doing shows whereever he can find free parking. Lushsux Edited by Dscreet for VNA Click here for more from Lush – Dscreet – VNA via Arty Graffarti

os gemeos return to the gallery

VIDEO // Os Gemeos Returns To The Gallery

Brazilian street artists Otávio and Gustavo Pandolfo are known for their graffiti and outdoor murals, but their exhibit “Opera of the Moon” brings the brothers back to Sao Paulo’s Galpão Fortes Vilaça to showcase new works. Os Gemeos Click here for more from Os Gemeos via Arty Graffarti

Smart Crew NYC Box Truck

VIDEO // NYC Box Truck: Queens with Smart Crew

The international soccer community is in a frenzy this summer thanks to the massive convergence taking place in Brazil. This means folks from different countries, cities, and boroughs even— all over the globe— are at attention and in grand hopes of their team’s road to victory. Queens, New York City isn’t immune to the highly…