It’s the artists like Wewf here who motivate me to go find more work, Melbourne is choc full of great artists, but theres still a lot out there that rarely get displayed on the online world or in general, but the needs to be seen just as much. Richmond

Simmer Down

  I’m not 100% sure on this, but it says its SimTwo, but its in a style [I find] unfamiliar with his other work. Either way, when you’ve got a wall  like this in front of you, you may aswell cover it.   Fitzroy        

Maka Madness

This is one sad old monkey, maybe because he has to brave the cold and hot Melbourne weather conditions… or maybe because he’s got a gnarly looking robot following him. Fitzroy Makatron [Can anyone tell me who the guy on the right is? Loving his style]

What Are You Lookin’ At?

This is a great looking character in Fitzroy, I really like contrast in styles from the one piece. Some of its sharp, some of its curved, sometimes it looks like a person, sometimes it looks like a robot, so much to think about, so little time.