We’re A Happy Family

It’s one thing to see a HaHa stencil, its another thing to see a bunch of them in one spot [with Stabs, no less]. If anyone can count how many layers went into producing this wall, I’ll buy them a juice. Melbourne HaHa


Really nice clean piece of work by Romeo here in Brunswick, I dunno why but, I always think of the name Orio when I see this piece. I really like the different shaped O’s, but there’s also something else I can’t quite put my finger on. Brunswick Romeo

Taking Over

Sorry about the long delay and sketchy updates, but I can definately say that ArtyGraffarti is back in full swing, like a disease to the online community. Thanks for the patience, the new looks isn’t 100% complete, but it’ll do for now, lemme know what you think! Northcote Dzez