We’re A Happy Family

It’s one thing to see a HaHa stencil, its another thing to see a bunch of them in one spot [with Stabs, no less]. If anyone can count how many layers went into producing this wall, I’ll buy them a juice. Melbourne HaHa


Really nice clean piece of work by Romeo here in Brunswick, I dunno why but, I always think of the name Orio when I see this piece. I really like the different shaped O’s, but there’s also something else I can’t quite put my finger on. Brunswick Romeo

Taking Over

Sorry about the long delay and sketchy updates, but I can definately say that ArtyGraffarti is back in full swing, like a disease to the online community. Thanks for the patience, the new looks isn’t 100% complete, but it’ll do for now, lemme know what you think! Northcote Dzez


Spent a bit of time checking out what was up in Richmond recently and eventually ended up track side here, I love my street art and graffiti and this is usually one of the best places to find them. But going solo and crossing those tracks and not knowing whats on the other side [in terms of…

Read It & Weep Zine Vol. 1

Melbourne graffiti/tattoo/design wear brand Read It & Weep have just dropped a new zine, choc full of great content, including an interview with Dmote, tattoo flash sheets and a comics from Smel. Looks like a great mix of local, national and international content, can’t wait for mine in the mail! Video by Ben Jones Read…