We’re A Happy Family

It’s one thing to see a HaHa stencil, its another thing to see a bunch of them in one spot [with Stabs, no less]. If anyone can count how many layers went into producing this wall, I’ll buy them a juice. Melbourne HaHa

Bailer Bot

Man oh man, this is a really nice bit of work by Bailer in Brunswick, as you can see the background is all in the outline, the rest is pretty much solid greys and a real technical outline. Your eyes can get lost in this, but find your way and you’ll see a king at…

Give Us A Siggy

Nice solid chunky letters here by Sigs, these may be easy for some to walk passed, but I just can’t help but stop and see how this quickie joins up all together, top notch. Clifton Hill

ID Please

Two great writers standing side by side here [hey! I'm in there too], both with two very different styles but always as sharp as ever. Richmond Mayo – Snuf