Shida has recently returned to Melbourne from a world wind tour of the planet and has gotten straight back into painting, naturally. At times though, it was like he never left, I still find little bits and pieces around town that I know were there from his last stop over. Fitzroy Shida

A Welcomed Stab

Sometimes you just have to wonder how he does it, I could have shown you how high this stands, but whats the point? When Stabs put this up of the entrance of Hosier Lane, I actually thought it wouldn’t have lasted long due to weather conditions, yet it still smiles down on us today.


Dope piece by Gram here in Northcote, the colours and flow of this is just top notch, I guess he missed painting on brick, so he added some of his own.

Krink x Vice

Some time ago, Vice Magazine did a features on [what I think] is the best, if not, one of the best inks you can get for your artistic needs, Krink and its creator, harry Costello. Unfortunately, they were only available from their website, making it difficult to embed them into a post, but they have…