Toggles ‘Binary Deception’ Interview

To coincide with the opening of his first solo show at Nice Cat this week, I sat down with New South Wales and Melbourne artist Toggles to see what he was all about. Yours truly has been a fan of Toggles’ work for awhile now, enriched with colour and variety, his work has certainly caught the attention…

Look Out

Finding Retna’s work is always a good thing, its one of the most unique styles in Melbourne I feel, usually with no outline and squeezed together, it almost feels as it were ment to be left unfinished. Yarraville

Street BLister

  Lister with a quickie here during a visit to Melbourne, its amazing how even a slight look at his work is instantly recognisable. Collingwood Anthony Lister


Just a quick collection of some of Psalm older stencils found at Blender Lane in the CBD, with a pretty high level of detail and intricacy, these are some of the best you can find in Melbourne. Psalm


I like seeing artists move around walls like this and while this is a simplistic example of that, it’s still nice to see that people aren’t afraid to adventure out the lines when need be. Brunswick