So here we are, I honestly can’t believe its come to this but… turned 1 yesterday, thats 365 [give or take] days of documenting Melbourne’s strong street art and graffiti scene. I still never thought it would last this long and the opportunities and people I’ve met through doing it have just been the…

The Long Stretch

Whenever I get tired or a little bored of the same old spots, I usually head over to a train line and see whats going on down there, when the train’s aren’t available, the walls will usually get a nice layer of the good stuff. Brunswick


Creas has recently been hitting the streets a lot more as of late, but this is an oldie that has stood up for some time now. Sorry bout the fence cutting it off, but what can you do? You can see that this is still a pretty sweet burner though, nice bit of colour matching…

Open Wide

I’ve really enjoyed all the work I’ve seen of Chehehe’s around town and if you’ve been to this spot, you’ve probably seen a ton of it. Nice and solid with black bold lines, easy to look at, making it easier to enjoy. Hawthorn


A great little piece here by Yowza on the Brunswick tracks, I usually find his work to bit a little messy, but this is silky, smooth and just right. Brunswick

Iceberg Alley

I always seem to forget how good Linz is at photo realistic style portraits, his pieces are usually so good you forget that he’s got so many goodies in his bag of tricks. Croft Alley

Mental Fingerprints

You can never keep a good painter down and the DMV Crew are proof of that, give them a wall and this is what you’ll get in return. This really is an astounding piece of work, forget how good it looks for a bit and think about the technique involved in creating something like this,…

Street Leagues

I unfortunately missed out on what I heard was a great show by Leagues last month, it wasn’t because I didn’t want to see it, I just didn’t know it was on! Luckily, unlike other artforms, you can find some of the artists best work out on Melbourne’s streets anyway, for example: Carlton