Free Wool

I really like seeing street artists interactive with the space surrounding their work, although there’s a good chance that it won’t last very long, it’s still cool to see the mind move or interact away from the traditional wall space. Hosier Lane Be Free

Lazy Postie

When I see work tat I consider street art, I usually try to figure out what it could mean, but other times, I think wow this is just cool. Fitzroy

Spray Beast x Askew x Berst

While some may think I’m crazy for bigging up another blog here, but lets be honest, it’s much better then this one and it’s all for the love right? Plus this video is just as good as the blog, definately worth checking out [after you come here] every once and awhile. Askew – Berst –…

Straight Stabbin’

I thought about flipping this photo around to make it easier to look at, but if the artist wanted it that way, then that’s the way its gonna stand. The detail in this is just ridiculous and really shows off Stabs’ talent outside of the stencils. Melbourne

Between The Lines

Great throw up here on behalf of Space in South Melbourne, these great outliners are just proof of how good something can look before and after the piecing process. South Melbourne