In Bed With Invader

I wonder what it’s like to spend a night out with Space Invader while he gets up… oh wait a minute… Only French street artists would actually wear a leather jacket while getting up… Space Invader


You didn’t think I’d visit the Myer Basement without taking a look at this did you? An amazing piece of graffiti style sculpture by one of Melbourne’s greatest and most original writers. Merda


You know, you can never get tired of looking at some things, this is one of those things. While it’s cool to look at the piece whole, and I was going to do a panoramic, I think it’s better to just chopped it up and look at the whole thing piece by piece, there is…

Myer Wastement

Numskull I had been down to the Myer Basement in the CBD some time ago and was suprised to see such a great collection of artwork by some of Australia’s best, a tip top mixture of both street art and great. While this is all well and good, the stupid thing is, most of it…


Two great writers, using the same colour, in the same spot, doing their own thing to great results. Fitzroy Lisa – Slor

El Barto

Nice little mix of characters and letters here in the city here, but since when did Bart wear a blue shirt? Union Lane Asiker

Mushed Up

It’s not just because of the obvious story or message thats going on in this piece, but this is pretty freaking dope! I’m sure there’s a number of you out there that have either experienced this, or know/seen someone who has, it’s a small planet, but it’s not one we want to visit too often.…

Can Crusher

I’m not really a fan of street art that is pretty much a photo stuck to our walls, come on, there’s a number of them out there and that’s just way to easy and doesn’t show a lot of talent, in my opinion. This piece here stumped me a little though, is it a photo?…


Where the hell does one start when it comes to a piece like this, it may look like scribbles but if you look closely, most of it is symmetric, but not all of it, making the stencil all hand drawn/carved. Blender Lane Nelio

White Lightening

For most of the time, tags look best on doors, I think it gives the writer a way to border everything and keep it tight like this, staying in the lines. Fitzroy