Spray and Destory

Freakishly good piece here by Omter in Fitzroy here, the cracks really make this come alive, but I find its the small bits and pieces that are crumbling off the letters that really make it come out.

20 Eyes

This stencil pops up every once and awhile around town, being a pretty intricate piece, its quite an impressive layer to slice out, home many eyes can you count? Brunswick


Nice collaboration between DrewFunk and Syco here in Melbourne’s Blender Lane in the city, a fusion between art and graffiti executed with devastating results. DrewFunk - Syco

Graffiti All Sorts

For those who don’t know this is the old Court Jester Cafe Wall in Brunswick, until last month it stood the test of time and was pretty much untouched to only be covered by The AWOL Crew again. Those pictures will be coming later, but for now, look at some of these great burners and…

Solid Reception

This is one of those spots where I’ve been pretty baffled as to how the writer got to it, being a pretty high spot with [what seems to be] nowhere to climb. Whats even more baffling is that its gone by the way of the buff recently, you really have to wonder why on a…

With Gusto

Nice little quick character here from The Blender Lane in the CBD, reminds me of the European style which I’ve grown fond of some much as of late, someone get me on a plane! Melbourne Gust