In terms of the Awol Crew around Melbourne lately, you can’t help but think that Adnate and Slicer have been killing it. But what about the rest of this super talented collective? Melbourne natives Itch and Deams certainly spring up to mind, so why don’t they join forces like Voltron and get up in their…

Hard To Find Vans

I dunno if it’s just me but it’s not everyday you get to see a Vans piece in our neck of the woods, so when you do, make sure you get some snaps of it, like I did! If you for some reason think that our arctic brothers and sisters in New Zealand don’t have…

Choose Your Own Stabber

You really gotta give Stabs credit for consistently changing his work up so much, given how long it takes him to cut each and every one of these monsters up, it’s just amazing. The bigger his pieces get, the more detail and intricacy you can see in each of them, check out the bottom image to see what…


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I feel a little stupid posting pieces when I can’t even read what they say, but who cares? Just because I don’t understand it, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it, plus surely there’s someone out there that can help me, this is dope. Edit: This has…

Sages In Stages

There’s just so much going on in this piece: drips, leopard print shadows, bubbles, three coloured crazy lettering and two different coloured backgrounds to boot. Top notch work. Sage

Wall Frosting

Urban Cake Lady doing some more of her urban decorating across the space here with some finely cut paste ups, which are getting more and more different with each piece. The famous red jacket and blue striped tights are starting to break free, is their a change coming up?

Don’t Stop ‘im

Teach a man to fish and you” feed him for a day, give a man a wall and this is what will happen. I don’t know which one I’d prefer, I’m not a big fan of fish… Stopem


Frame was lucky enough to get the very first piece at the entrance of the entire car park and by the looks of it, its very well deserved. Since the announcement of his show with Sabeth, I’ve looked into him a fair bit as of late and if this piece does it for you, I…

Pineapple Wonder

Seems like Everfresh Crew member Wonderlust has been getting up a lot more then usual lately and the car park was no exception, this is one of his more well known stencils he decided to put up. He’s been busting out some ridiculously good walls, which I can’t wait to show you all in the…

Maka Bee’s

Makatron’s swarm of killer bee’s spread across an entire section of the car park here, you throw any type of animal at this guy and he’ll paint it, now insects are being thrown into the mix. Amazing. Makatron