NoFussJustPhotos Disposable Zine By 45RPM

I first caught wind of this great little zine, by Bristol writer 45rpm, on Revok’s blog a few weeks ago and had to pick it up as I thought it looked pretty damn good for the price. It was no surprise that I wasn’t disappointed when it was in my hands, 42 full colour photos…


I’ve always wondered who does these characters around town, usually painted in black and white, its a great sketchy style of work, usually next to a tag I can never read, can anyone out there help me out….? Fitzroy

Alf Getting Up

Just when you think you’ve seen every childhood character out on Melbourne’s streets, then Alf just pops up with a can of Ironlak and reminds you of his absolute dopeness. This is sick. Collingwood Zeb and Dekay

Awsemly Big

Seriously guys, if you’re going to big, you’d better go real big. Awsem and Evil going large in Richmond here, pretty solid stuff considering the size.

Speedy Ups

A couple of nice pieces here near the train lines by two great Melbourne bombers here, two different [but slightly similar] styles and all done under the same colours. And you gotta give me bonus points for getting the train in the background of the last photo… Sped Hikups Fairfield

Hey, hey, Happy

Yeah sure it’s a little torn, but it still works, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, it’s a shame about Happy’s short presence in Melbourne awhile ago. Most of his paste ups are top notch and believe it or not, still around, all with great design and a great sense of humour,…