Double Bolted

Two dope throwies up in Fotzroy, you know how I feel about this form of graffiti, has really become one of my favourite things to find and “collect” as I go along on my hunts. And with stuff like this around, who can blame me? Bolts and Vents

Real Youth

I dunno if its just me but I’ve been seeing these guys pop up heaps lately, Zac and Youth, clearly fans of the original old school style of graffiti, which is always super [re]fresh[ing] to see! Fitzroy

Late Night Sync

Seems to be some sort of Everfresh theme to tonights posts, but they’re super talented guys, so who cares? Sync is one of my favourite guys from the crew, but I’m finding it harder and harder to find his work around town. Luckily, when I do though, its practically untouched and still in its glory.…


Last month I did a post on this wall in Collingwood by the Everfresh Urban Decorators Team but completely neglected this little section on the side. I could have neglected it still, but the camouflaged Rone was just too good to be missed, even with a little bit of fade this looks great, maybe even better…? Rone

Green Goblin

At first glance of this space, you’ll see a fish by Phibs, a Lister fiend, a badboy by Phat1 and a creature by Meggs. Yeah it would be nice to do a write up on all of them, but that would probably take way too, long its holidays! So lets just focus on the green…

Fame Paster

It’s a real shame Happy doesn’t seem to be putting up around Melbourne anymore, I can’t really fault any of the ones still hanging around from his last visit. At times hes a social commentator, whereas some other works are aimed directly at the graffiti culture, like this one in particular. Melbourne Happy

Sticker Board

A whole smorgasbord of stickers here in Collingwood, I always like seeing signs like this as it shows who’s been in the area and the possibilities of a full blow piece in the vicinity.

The OF

Don’t ask me why but I really like what OF has been putting up, I’m a bit early to their pieces but there’s just something about them that I like. Like the one below, his letters usually wrap around the corners of a wall and while not containing much of an outline, his fill ins…

Stone Cold

While diggin’ through Richmond a couple of weeks ago, I found this great Fintan Magee piece down in the rubble. Whether its ment to interact with the arrows or not I’m not sure, but for some reason it works, you don’t need to go all the way to the UK to see the stone hedges……