So yes, that means the scheduled Neckface show has been pushed to what looks like March for now, bummer but Tanja Jade will not disappoint in that space. In the meantime, we can look at these and only dream of what the show in March will consist of…. Collingwood

Weather Phoes

God damn you Melbourne, will you ever decide what type of weather you’re going to have? This work by Everfresh’s Phibs, pretty much defines the last week or so, looks pretty gnarly too.   Collingwood Phibs


This has unfortunately gone the way of the buff, great idea though, so many ideas flipping onto themselves. The amount of times I’ve heard of cops being the ones slashing certain people around town is ridiculous… and half of them might be true…. Fitzroy

Be Dripped

eBit late with this one, but this is another great piece by Be Free out in Clifton Hill. She is already know for the “rainbow drips” she’s been incorporating into her work but this one is out of this world, that is one looooooong drip! Be Free