VIDEO // Saber vs. Saber

This is a real good video by Juxtapoz Mag on US graffiti legend Saber, as he paints, what looks like, a piece for a gallery show. It’s a pretty funny look into his mind as he paints, but it’s also really cool to see and learn a few techniques. The guy truly uses the can…

Phibs & Reka ACDC LAne4

Reka/Phiba Lane

This is a massive mural by Everfresh lads Reka and Phibs. Huge, huge piece down in AC/DC Lane, with some nice little touches. Like how the Phibs character drops the cash and holds the spray can over Reka’s train set, Reka’s characters face is pretty dope too and check out the kicks on Phibs’. Nice…

Space Invanda Shida Melbourne


Here’s a Space Invader in Chinatown Melbourne, they’re pretty hard to come by these days, I remember for awhile, they were pretty hard to avoid, if you were looking. You know, there’s probably an easy way to track them down, but I’ve never thought to try. Space Invader

Jordy Carlton Abandoned Warehouse2

Well Jordy Iye!

This is from a warehouse spot in Carlton I’ve shown stuff from a few times now. Cool metalic looking piece here, nice colour choices too. Jordy in Carlton

Gozilla Fitzroy

GoFace Zillah

I’ve seen these a lot a round Fitzroy and for some reason I’ve only taken a photo recently. Solid stencil, with a bit of character, nice work. Gozilla in Fitzroy

VIDEO // FYG On Fire

Just found this on ZonkVisions Vimeo account, new vid from the FYG Crew. This is pretty dark stuff and not for those with religious beliefs. On the other hand, if you don’t have religion beliefs, then this is pretty cool. Nice work guys. FYG

Makatron ACDC Lane

MakaDaka Giraffe

This has been up for awhile down next to the old HonkyTonks/3rd Class entrance in AC/DC lane. It’s by Everfresh Crew member Makatron, pretty gnarly giraffe, I like how the ears popped! Makatron

Kid Zoom St. Ali Project

Coffee Zoom

I’ve said it a few times before [Does, Meggs, D*Face] but Kid Zoom is also one of my favourites out there right now. Originally from Perth, Kid Zoom came from a more traditional form of graffiti and eventually moved to the more artistic style. He now lives in New York after having a successful show…